There is no monopoly in retail anymore. Price points aside, customers always throng to the service that offers them the fastest and the most personalized attention. What’s more, they have come to expect the e-commerce experience in retail stores as well.
Thankfully, with , your customers can get just that. With it, you can get seamless retail management across all platforms and devices.
Dynamics 365 enables:
Modern Store Experience
• A single POS app designed to run on Windows, iOS, Android and Web
• Personalized, rich & immersive experiences for customers

Effective Merchandising
• Category and channel specific pricing, with catalog specific promotions
• A set of core product, pricing, and promotions management capabilities

Omni-channel Commerce Experience
• Optimal inventory levels in stores and warehouses
• Unified data entities and business logic across channels

Employee Empowerment
• Easy management of large workforce
• Safeguarding data with controlled access
• A productive and personalized management system

Real Time Business Intelligence
• Personalized workspaces
• Advanced data analytics with BI reports
• Visualization with Power BI

Give your brand a sustainable competitive edge with Dynamics 365.