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Juvencio Maeztu, CEO, IKEA India Pvt Ltd.



Juvencio Maeztu is the CEO, IKEA India. He joined IKEA in 2001 because of its vision, culture and values, which are the driving forces behind his passion for growth at IKEA.

During his time at IKEA, Maeztu has had extensive in-depth store experience, which he believes is the best platform to understand the core of the IKEA business. It also empowered Maeztu with great understanding of Lifa at Home for customers and how to make the IKEA Culture a living reality.

He has the  experience in driving business growth in existing stores as well as spearheading expansion in new markets. Maeztu has had diversified experience in managing stores and business expansion responsibilities in Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom.

Both people and business growth are high on Juvencio’s agenda, as he takes on the challenge of expanding and leading IKEA’s growth in India.