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Vikram Idnani, Head-IT, Trent Ltd.



As the Head of IT, Vikram Idnani boosts performance of businesses via systematic technology investment and the measurement of ROI. By sharply focusing on IT strategy, he drives growth through IT transformation, simplicity of operations and customer satisfaction.

His strong program and change management skills, honed as a technology consultant in the US/India and as retail CIO, bring a team-based and process-oriented outlook to new technology adoption.

It was his experience in developing Omnichannel retail strategies on a global stage that made adoption of mobility at Trent seamless. Aside from retail his career spans sector like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, airlines and home-building. He also frequent speaks about and moderates topics pertaining to the use of technology in retail.

Idnani has also worked with companies like Syntel Inc as Engagement Editor, Hi Tech Consultant Inc as Consultant and Tata Consultancy Services as Consultant.

Top five priorities for Idnani for 2016-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, big data strategy – storage and analysis, data security and fraud protection, building alignment of IT with other functions and reducing costs.

According to Idnani top three challenges that retailers will face from a technology point of view are where to use which technology, what to do with the data being generated and how to create a seamless customer experience.