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Yakeen Gazi, Sr. VP IT and Supply Chain, Hypercity Retail India Ltd.


Sr. VP IT and Supply Chain

Yakeen Gazi’s 26 year-long journey in IT, the past decade of which was spent in retail, began at the young age of 17 when he was offered a project during his summer holidays. Fast forward from that moment and Gazi has done big things, from helping Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai adopt the new Y2K compliant systems to setting up the whole IT infrastructure and international systems for Mattel India.

Even though he was appointed Head of Technology at Hypercity Retail India in 2006, he still wanted to explore more avenues. This is why he pursued MBA in 2009 to upgrade his knowledge and achieve new heights of excellence.

He has also worked with Mattel Toys as Manager IT, Phoenix Group Inc as Web Application Developer, Standard Chartered Bank as Consultant (UAE) and Datapro Information Ltd as Training Executive.

Top five priorities for Gazi for 2016-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, integrating methodologies to manage co-existence of multiple disparate systems used in retail, building and enhancing the mobile strategy, building alignment of IT with other functions and embracing the cloud and cloud services.

According to Gazi, top three challenges that retailers will face form a technology point of view are Omnichannel – one view of the customer and one view for the customer, social marketing – the making or breaking of the brand and analytics – understanding the millennial customers.