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Rajesh Verma, Head IT, Blackberrys


Head IT

Rajesh Verma has a rich experience spanning more than 14 years in developing Business-IT strategy and ensuring its implementation. He is experienced in identifying complex business solutions and providing acceptable business solutions.

Some of his career highlights include: automation of Blackberrys trade show/ booking data which was earlier captured in excel and took many more days to compile before releasing to product; launch of Blackberrys Digital – an internal employee service and information platform for Blackberrys employees, interactive touch tables for customers of Cafe Coffee Day; consolidation of infrastructure by reducing numbers of physical servers at Cafe Coffee Day, with help of virtualization – sixteen physical servers were reduced to six.

He has also worked with Cafe Coffee Day as Head IT and Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.

Top five priorities for Verma for 2016-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, integrating methodologies to manage co-existence of multiple, disparate systems used in retail, building alignment of IT with other functions, reducing costs and introducing collaboration tool to increase collaboration among departments.