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Prashant Bokil, Head IT, Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.


Head IT

Prashant Bokil has successfully handled diversified activities like IT infrastructure management, marketing, sales, pre-sales, customer support, service delivery, man management, inventory management, service desk operations, service request management and software implementation during the 19 years of his experience. He has been instrumental in implementation of various softwares including Oracle based ERP. He has also implemented modules like inventory, procurement, production, sales and distribution, finance and retail and implementation of SAP B1.

Prior to joining Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd, Bokil was associated with JC Retail as IT Head and DSK Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd as Head SSD.

Top five priorities for Bokil for 106-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, integrating methodologies to manage co-existence of multiple disparate systems used in retail, building and enhancing the mobile strategy, data security and fraud protection and building alignment of IT with other functions.

According to Bokil, top three challenges retailers will face from a Tech POV are new and emerging technologies such as digital signage, kiosks and mobility are challenging retailers’ infrastructures; retailers collect and store massive amounts of customer, product and transactional data, which is meaningless unless it can be mined for actionable intelligence; and  performance bottlenecks which may emerge from managing a large number of simultaneous customer transactions. This can slow applications to a crawl and potentially impact sales and customer experience.