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Mukesh Bansal and Ankit to launch fitness brands


Co-founder of Myntra, Mukesh Bansal, and Chief Business Officer, Flipkart Ankit Nagori have come together to launch a new company for healthcare, sports and fitness brands.

Co-founder of Myntra, and Chief Business Officer, Flipkart to launch a company for healthcare and fitness brands

With an initial investment of $5 million (Rs 33 crore), the new set up will be based out of Bengaluru. It will have two brands one for healthcare and other for sports and fitness.

“The idea with sports and fitness is how to inspire 100 million people to take on health and fitness. We are looking at everything from offline facilities to technology,” Mukesh Bansal was quoted by The Economic Times as saying. To this, he further added that old brands like Puma, Nike and Decathlon are their potential partners.

Both Nagori and Bansal said that their company will get registered by next month. The hiring process has started and they are also planning to launch an application by next year to cater to customer’s healthcare needs and provide sports and fitness services.

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